• Making fudge - pouring hot fudge

    Pepper Lane Fudge is located at Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse, Pennsylvania

  • Slicing fudge

    Fresh fudge is made daily in our shop. We also offer a variety of sweet treats.

  • Making fudge adding nuts

    Stop by our shop and see how we've been making fudge using a secret family recipe.

  • Mixing Fudge

    The secret to our success is in the finest all-natural ingredients that we use.

Select 4 Slices of Fudge
$19.99 Select 4 Slices of Fudge
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Chocolate Peanut Butter
$19.99 Chocolate Peanut Butter
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Chocolate Walnut
$19.99 Chocolate Walnut
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Chocolate Plain
$19.99 Chocolate Plain
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cookies and cream
$19.99 Cookies N Cream
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Double Dutch
$19.99 Double Dutch
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Maple Pecan
$19.99 Maple Pecan
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Peanut Butter
$19.99 Peanut Butter
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Rocky Road
$19.99 Rocky Road
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$19.99 Turtle
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Vanilla Pecan
$19.99 Vanilla Pecan
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Fudge and Sweets Package
$19.99 Fudge and Sweets Package
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