Our Story

making fudge in pot

Our shop in Kitchen Kettle Village is nestled in the small town of Intercourse, Pennsylvania. We are in the heart of Amish Country – an idyllic setting that makes you feel like you’ve been transported back to a simpler time.

Pepper Lane Fudge & Sweets has been making fudge in the same location for almost half a century. There is a highly trained team of skilled candy makers that spend their days ensuring that only the finest products are presented to the public. These master fudge makers have produced thousands of batches of fudge using a secret family recipe that dates back to the early 1800s.

The secret to our success is in the finest all-natural ingredients that we use. Pure cane sugar, cocoa powder, corn syrup and 36% butterfat heavy cream, all heated in a seasoned cooper kettle. Combine all of those things and add the watchful eye and skill of someone that has made thousands of batches of candy and you get the best fudge that you’ve ever tasted. 


If the taste isn’t enough, you should see the show that we put on. Our fudge is hand crafted by taking 25 pounds of raw ingredients and bringing them up to a rolling boil. The fudge-maker uses a specialized candy thermometer to make sure that the mixture reaches the exact right temperature. When ready, we carefully pour the fudge onto 750-pound Vermont marble tables. You are so close to the action that you can feel the steam coming off the cold marble as the fudge hits it. At that point, the outcome is in the skillful hands of the fudge-maker. We spend nearly 30 minutes hand paddling the fudge, mixing in a combination of extra ingredients such as pecans, marshmallows and creamy peanut butter, just to name a few, and incorporating air into the fudge which produces an extremely smooth and creamy product.

Our finished loaf has a firm, shiny crust on the outside but remains creamy, soft and absolutely delicious on the inside. The average batch takes about one hour to produce, and we make anywhere from 100 to 300 pounds per day.

Just Fudge? No, we have something for everyone!

chocolate covered pretzels

In case our mouth-watering fudge isn’t what you were craving, there is a whole list of other sinful delights that we have put together. Using only the finest ingredients available, we have tested and tasted batch after batch of candies, creating a list long enough to please even the most finicky eater.

These sweet treats include:

  • Smooth and Soft Caramels covered in Chocolate with a touch of Sea Salt.
  • Cashew, Peanut and Coconut clusters
  • Chocolate Covered Pretzel rods, we even make a double dipped version featuring caramel and chocolate
  • Giant Marshmallows dipped in Milk, Dark or White Chocolate decorated with color and flair
  • Hand Painted Chocolate Lollipops
  • Several flavors of cream center bon-bon’s enrobed in chocolate including: Mocha, Coconut, Butter Cream, Orange and Raspberry
  • Classic Clear Toy Lollipops (made year-round)
  • Home made Peanut Butter cups including our special “Inside Out Cup”, featuring a hazelnut spread and Peanut Butter Candy
  • Giant S’Mores, Fluffernutters, Old Fashioned Brittle and much more…